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Apple = Steve Jobs

One fact that Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs makes crystal clear is that Steve Jobs = Apple.

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Starbucks to Acquire Barnes and Noble?

What if Starbucks were to acquire Barnes and Noble? First of all we wouldn’t be seeing notices like these.  Second of all Barnes and Noble with a market cap of $ 788.91 Million is an easy acquisition for Starbucks with a market cap … Continue reading

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The path less travelled – taking a different approach

Sometimes changing the way we approach a challenge can make all the difference. We can buy a dvd and try to learn ice skating on computer or get out there on the ince rink and learn as you fall and … Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

There are two types of programmers; one who has learned programming in 21 days and then there are those who can program. A very well written article by Peter Norvig on this phenomenon of “learn all” programming languages in fewer … Continue reading

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UDACITY – reinventing higher education

Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, professors at Stanford University did an experiment by  offering their Artificial Intelligence class CS221 online for free. They expected few thousands to sign up and that few thousands was close to 160,000. Thrun prophesies that in about … Continue reading

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Instagram should thank Steve Jobs for their astronomical acquisition

Instagram‘s sale to facebook for $1 Billion – that’s $ 1000 000 000. Folks that’s a looooooot of money! While countless people have given countless reasons for the astronomical price of a seemingly simple app – an app that applies … Continue reading

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Google’s foray into Online Survey Business

Google has been trying to make an entry in the online survey/research market for sometime. They launched Google Survey as a package of Google docs.  That was a sub-standard software that barely did anything beyond providing the ability to ask … Continue reading

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Apple settles a lawsuit over iPhone4

I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs about why iphone 4 wasn’t much of a phone if it kept dropping calls. It looks like Apple finally settled on it and has accepted to refund $15 or a free cover … Continue reading

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Effect of search engine ranking on clicks and business

If your business depends on Search Engine Traffic – being on first page makes or breaks your business.  I have always tried to get a sense of the effect on CTR the Search Engine Ranks have but according to Spotify … Continue reading

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The future of education

Khan Academy, couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador than Bill Gates – someone who has touted it as the “future of education”. Salman “Sal” Khan, who started to post video tutorials trying to help his nephews and nieces with … Continue reading

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